Saturday, 19 August 2017

Reading Order

It has occurred to me that my stories may be a hard to follow if you aren’t at least aware there is an order of reading to them. I’ve listed the stories in chronological order, below, with a hyperlinked title and overview of the plot, recurring characters in the saga, and notes.  

1. Wonder Woman in London 

Overview: Diana Prince travels to London to stop a gang supplying bad heroin, which is leaving an epidemic of death in the States.  

Recurring characters: Radomir Semanic, Fadhila Zuma, Marsha Cross

  • This was the first story, my least favourite, and the only one I re-edited a bit.
  • When I first started writing Wonder Woman stories I thought I needed to please the peril fans. In this story, Diana goes from one peril situation to another. As time went on, I realised all I needed to do was write the story.
  • Although it introduces recurring characters, this first story is quite skippable.
2. Wonder Woman in Paris  

Overview: Diana is in Paris to investigate the disappearance of a young I.A.D.C agent who had been working, undercover, at a circus.

Recurring characters: Christopher Dalton, Adamski, Marsha Cross (unnamed)  

  • My shortest Wonder Woman story to date. It was meant to have six parts. The missing chapter was going to be an emotional one about a hostage exchange. I scrapped it, as it didn’t feature Wonder Woman’s involvement. Its absence may have weakened the conclusion, a little.
  • Goof: vultures don’t have talons, apparently, but these Nazi ones do!
3. Wonder Woman in Rome  

Overview: proceedings take on a strange twist when Diana Prince is assigned to protect an Italian princess, who appears to be already protected by another mythical heroine, known as the Lost Siren.  

Recurring characters: Christopher Dalton, Serena Rocca / The Lost Siren, Mendo, Sergio Nico, Marsha Cross, Adamski, Dan Corbett, Marat Osinov (mentioned).

  • This is still possibly my favourite story. I took a risk on writing evil as a bigger idea, which I think helps distinguish these Wonder Woman stories. By my standards, I thought there were some imaginative scenes and twists. I also introduced a couple of my fonder characters.
4. Wonder Woman in Tokyo

Overview: when a top-secret US rocket crashes in a remote part of Japan, a recently promoted I.A.D.C agent is sent to retrieve the secret technology before anybody else does.

Recurring characters: Marsha Cross, Roger Macintosh. Nathan O’Connell (unnamed)  

  • The early part of the story may be confusing if you haven’t read Wonder Woman in Rome.
  • My favourite story to write. It flowed very nicely, once I got going.
5. Wonder Woman in Boston  

Overview: back in the States, Diana investigates the ghostly sightings of a dead pilot, but are cryonics involved? Recurring characters: Roger Macintosh, Nathan O’Connell, Mendo, Dan Corbett

  • Some potentially important events happen in this story, but it is skippable, if this one doesn’t grab you.
6. Wonder Woman in Antarctica

Overview: during the Christmas holidays, Diana Prince journeys to the Antarctic Peninsula, where it’s believed a rogue I.A.D.C agent has been hiding out, but has she stepped into the wolves’ den?  

Recurring characters: Texas Denton, Marsha Cross, Del Hives Notes:
  • I’ve always liked Christmas and the winter weather. I enjoyed writing the rich seasonable imagery.
7. The Return of the Lost Siren  

Overview: laying low, teaching tennis at a plush hotel in the South of France, Serena Rocca is pursued by a hitman who is working for the Fourth Reich.  

Recurring characters: Serena Rocca / The Lost Siren, Adamski, Radomir Semanic, Fadhila Zuma, Jacob Kruger, Sergio Nico, Marat Osinov, Abram Osinov (mentioned)

  • An experiment into whether I could write an interesting non-Wonder Woman story. The Lost Siren was an obvious choice. I decided the central character needs to be at least drawn to really come alive.
  • The story gives an extra insight into the Lost Siren and her associates, but it isn’t a necessary read.
8. Wonder Woman in Cape Town  

Overview: Diana hatches a plan to infiltrate the suspected headquarters of the Fourth Reich at a businessman’s villa in South Africa.  

Recurring characters: Serena Rocca / The Lost Siren, Texas Denton, Marat Osinov, Radomir Semanic, Jacob Kruger, Abram Osinov, Adamski.

  • My longest Wonder Woman story to date.
  • At one point, I considered killing off Wonder Woman and have her regenerate – in famous Doctor Who style – into Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, but waking up in a different Earth dimension. Fortunately, I came to my senses…

If you spot any factual mistakes, please let me know. I don’t like reading my own writing back (I’m quite self-critical), and sometimes, I forget what I’ve written!

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