Wonder Woman in Paris #3

Wonder Woman was created by Dr William Moulton Marston in 1941 and is the © copyright trademark of DC Comics. My Wonder Woman stories are only fan fiction and based, primarily, on the 1970s CBS TV show (albeit, updated to the present time of writing). However, any resources from adaptations and the comics may be utilised. All characters are entirely fictional. With the exception of Diana / Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, the story and characters are my own creation, unless otherwise stated. In my stories there are no other superheroes in the world, except for Wonder Woman.

3. Visit Rue de Rivoli

“Wow! It’s Wonder Woman, Pap,” exclaimed a boy in the crowd, “I think she’s after that bald headed man with the gun.”

“You’re right, Son. Got to hand it to them, Walt Disney has pulled out all stops with the entertainment here. Those rounds, he’s firing, look so authentic the way they’re exploding off her bracelets.”

“He’s dropped the gun and is making a run for it.”

“This will be interesting, looks like she’s going to lasso him. I’d like to see her pull this off from that distance. Way to go, Wonder Woman! I don’t know if there are too many fellas back home who could have done that, first time. These guys must rehearse like crazy...”

“I think those guards are handcuffing him. He looked really angry, Pap!”

“They’re all actors, Son. It was all part of the show.”

“Hey, where’s Wonder Woman gone?”

“I don’t know, Son, but let’s go and find your mam…”

Back in the subterranean headquarters, Diana and Chris watched their prisoner be secured to his cell seat, from behind a one way window. 

“He’s Gregori Egorov,” Diana informed, “Another former KGB agent, now, supposedly, working as a rigger at St Petersburg’s Civic Circus.” 
“Spy or no spy, this guy tried to kill me – now it’s payback time.”

Diana’s eyes darted up to their lids, “Now is not a time for an emotional vendetta-”

“Emotional vendetta?” Dalton angrily interrupted, “I’d be lying dead, if it weren’t for Wonder Woman.”

She took his arm, “Listen, Chris, if the Russians are holding Karen Harris, we could exchange Egorov for her.”

“Yeah, I thought of that too,” admitted Dalton, loosening his collar.

“Why don’t we go up to the cabin office and see what Lavoie has learned, which is so precious they wanted him dead for it,” she suggested.

Dalton reluctantly agreed. “By the way,” he said, in the elevator, “how did you get to work with Wonder Woman?”

“You might say, she saved my life a long time ago and she’s been helping me out ever since.”

“She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“Chris, you say that to every attractive woman,” Diana asserted with a wry smile.

“No, with Wonder Woman’s it’s different. I mean, man, how does she do all those amazing things? Who is she and where does she come from? Is she even human? I’ve got to find out…”

“Well, right now let’s concentrate on Karen,” redirected Diana, as they entered the rather inconspicuous cabin office in the theme park. 

Two US agents protecting Pierre Lavoie were dismissed. The private detective appeared surprisingly relaxed for somebody who had been shot by a hit man, no less than twenty minutes ago.

Non, non, non,” he insisted, striding up and down the room, “I’m quite all right. We French are used to dealing with adversity. Just as you Americans are used to opposing the Russians – and when a man is too familiar with something – he can see nothing else.”

“What are you saying, Lavoie?” asked Dalton.

“When you hired me, Chris, I assumed it was because you wanted an outsider’s take on the subject. Is that not correct?”

“It sure wasn’t for your straight talking, Pierre. What’s the story?”

“The story, at this very moment, is arriving by special courier. I had hoped to already have the package with me, but there was an unavoidable delay – he was being followed.”

“In that case, we should accompany you to pick up this parcel, Mr Lavoie,” suggested Diana.

At that second Dalton received a call on his cell phone. The call left him with an ambivalent look of relief and concern.

“You’ll have to go without me, Diana,” he apprised, “The Russians want to negotiate an exchange between Egorov and Karen.”

In many ways, Diana may have preferred to have stayed for the hostage developments, rather than accompany Lavoie to his mail, but her priority, for the moment, had to be preventing the Russians finishing what Egorov had attempted. So she drove Pierre to the rendezvous on Rue de Rivoli in her new black Corvette ZR1, which had been specially adapted for IADC field operatives.

“You better wait inside,” instructed Diana, parking near the entrance to the Louvre museum. “If anybody does take pot shots at you again, believe me, you’re well protected in this vehicle.”

“Agent Prince!” gasped the investigator, “We French have still got our pride. Do you really think I’m going to hide in this vehicle and let a beautiful lady take all risk on my behalf? Non! I will face my enemy head on, like a man.”

Pierre made his way over to the grand entrance to the Louvre. Diana decided to browse the boutiques opposite, while checking on the detective between the overarching pillars encompassing the sidewalk’s stores. Glancing across, she saw Lavoie receive a parcel from a motorcycle courier, wearing a helmet. As the detective crossed the road, a large bird looped around his head, causing the man to duck.

“What was it?" asked the startled investigator, on returning to Diana.

“I don’t know, Pierre” she said, grabbing his arm, “But I think we should get out of here.”

A mass of screams stopped them cold. They turned to see pedestrians spilling out onto the road. A large Andean condor had entered the covered sidewalk; two more glided in between the arches; the squawking vultures terrified the people away. They needn’t have feared for themselves, as all six beady eyes were fixed on Pierre Lavoie.

Panicked into action, the PI took cover inside a boutique. Only the owners had locked the doors when the disturbance began. Poor Lavoie found himself trapped in the shop’s doorway as the vultures descended on their prey.

In the ensuing chaos Miss Prince could be seen having the sudden urge to visit a toilette publiques. Moments later, the shimmering embodiment of Wonder Woman stood in front of the boutique where the condors’ razor sharp talons had already landed on the cowering detective.     

“What are you all doing?” she gently inquired.

It appeared the question was enough to make the vultures take notice. Maybe, it was the rays of light refracting from the super-heroine’s belt and bracelets. Perhaps, it was the sight of her long powerful legs, instinctively, telling them they were in the presence of a greater being. Or could it have been the expression of love and superiority on her flawless features that willed the birds to bow their heads and hop away from their captive?

Diana knelt down and took the package out of Lavoie’s bloody hands. “We’ll get you to a hospital,” she assured.

Using one of her pointed red immaculately painted nails, Wonder Woman slit the parcel open and dropped a small metal bean-like object out in her hand. 

“I knew it,” she sighed, tossing the object far into the sky, watching the condors take flight after it, “They’ve controlled these birds’ actions with an electronic transmitter beaming signals like that of their prey. Humans can exercise such cruelty in advancing their own agenda. It’s time the hunters became the hunted.”

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