Wonder Woman in Rome #5

Wonder Woman was created by Dr William Moulton Marston in 1941 and is the © copyright trademark of DC Comics. My Wonder Woman stories are only fan fiction and based, primarily, on the 1970s CBS TV show (albeit, updated to the present time of writing). However, any resources from adaptations and the comics may be utilised. All characters are entirely fictional. With the exception of Diana / Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, the story and characters are my own creation, unless otherwise stated. In my stories there are no other superheroes in the world, except for Wonder Woman.

05 When in the Colosseum

“Oh, my, who are you?” giggled Princess Rosetta when she saw a brightly dressed stranger on the penthouse balcony of the Rome Cavalieri Hotel

Fear then took over, “You’re not going to hurt me, are you?”

“No, I just need to know where Serena Rocca is,” answered Wonder Woman.

“She’s gone and won’t be back,” the princess said, whilst moving a hand over the panic button on her watch, “She betrayed me!”

Seconds later, two protection officers came bursting into the penthouse. “Mettere le mani in alto,” they bawled.

Diana recognised them right away as the unconscious guards she had examined, the previous evening, when the Lost Siren stole the Divina Key. Wonder Woman raised her hands and waited for one of the men to get close enough, so she could disarm him. A thump later, the man had returned to lying unconscious and Wonder Woman was busy deflecting bullets off her bracelets from the remaining officer’s shooter. The natural pause of astonishment at Wonder Woman’s impurity to bullets was all the time she needed to rush, and splash, the officer oblong into the adjacent Jacuzzi. 

Inspector Sergio Nico entered the room just as Diana was about to interrogate the wet officer with her lasso around him; he stood in awe of Wonder Woman. Sergio had sceptically read about Wonder Woman's exploits in the foreign press and she was now standing right in front of him. He formally introduced himself, as Diana questioned the suspect. 

“You’re compelled to tell the truth,” Wonder Woman instructed, “Why did you tell the police that Diana Prince drugged you while attempting to steal the Divina Key?”

It-it was a set-up to incriminate her,” he was forced to reveal.

“Who instructed you?” Wonder Woman probed.

Me-Mendo, Cardinal Mendo – you have to believe me – we were brainwashed by him. It was the princess’ fianc√© who sent us to Mendo’s apartment. He offered us wealth like we couldn’t imagine - and all we had to do was lie down on cue.”     

“He’s lying! My Louis would never be involved in this,” defended Rosetta, naively.

“You traitor, Palumbo,” the inspector said, “Diana Prince is innocent - and could be seriously ill because of you - but nobody can locate her.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve seen Diana, she’s okay, Inspector,” reported Wonder Woman.

“She may still be in danger,” Nico elaborated, “Her doctor says the lab results, from her blood sample, have shown she received a recessive type of chloroform that could become active, again, at any time in the next few days, depending on the stress she experiences.” 

Diana placed her hand on Nico’s shoulder, “Thanks, for letting me know, Inspector,” she said. 

She turned to the soaked officer, “Palumbo, I’d like to pay a visit to Cardinal Mendo, myself…”

It was a short flight to the Cardinal’s apartment in Parioli. Wonder Woman walked around the corner of the apartment, before she took the obvious opportunity to leap upon the open first floor window. As she climbed in, the orbital sockets of a skull, projecting from a bookshelf, lit up with a red glow. The jaw of the skull began talking in the familiar patronising tone of Cardinal Mendo:

“Why people prefer my first floor window to the front door, I shall never know, but I assume you to be Wonder Woman. I say assume because I can’t tell, you see, as I’ve vacated the premises and this is a recorded message. Do feel free to have a good look about, you may find some of my books particularly enlightening. I suspect we’ll cross paths again, but for now, arrivederci - as they say around these parts.”

Diana was flicking through some titles on the shelves when the bell clanged downstairs. Wonder Woman opened the door to Inspector Nico and took him upstairs.

“Look at these books,” she said.

The Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Nazis and the Occult, The Satanic Bible,” read the inspector, “Ah, it’s probably not unusual for a theologian to have an interest in such matters.”

“No, he’s sending me a message,” Wonder Woman claimed, “Ever since I arrived in Rome, Mendo has been playing games with me.”

“Any idea what it is about?”

“I really hope it isn’t what I think it is, Inspector,” she frowned.

At just gone fourteen hundred hours, the City of Rome felt a tremor ripple across the landscape. The ancient Colosseum was immediately evacuated. Louis Cesario and Serena Rocca considered this to be an enormous stroke of luck because they had entered the antitheatre as tourists; now they didn’t need to hide until nightfall to start looking for the elusive door to fit the Divina Key.

Cesario put on a dark balaclava; he was dressed in jeans and a blue woollen jacket. Serena changed into the white and red nylon bodysuit of the Lost Siren with a matching upper face mask. Her red blooded accomplice couldn’t help but admire her muscular flowing curves with the big rounded feminine protrusions in all the right places.

“Damn it! It’s such a shame you prefer women - and I despise everything you stand for,” Louis cuttingly quipped.

“Don’t make me laugh, Cesario,” retorted Serena, “If you held such principles you wouldn’t even work with the Fourth Reich.”

“Hey, listen, I’m no Nazi,” he objected, “The only reason I let your organisation in on this treasure hunt is because I owe one of your backers a lot of dough – and if we hit the jackpot, it means I don’t have to marry that brat of a princess.”

Rocca laughed, “You really hate her, don’t you? But do not worry - I broke her in for you. The chances of that slippery cardinal being right about the hoard are second to none.”

“Well, according to the map he gave me, the ‘X’ is right here across this subterranean dungeon wall.”

The Lost Siren pulled out a large mechanical fist from her rucksack and strapped it to her left hand. She was able to control it like wearing a glove. 

Cesario looked bemused, “What’s your new toy for?”

“It’s no toy,” she insisted, “This is my titanium fist that can punch through most things. It will make short work of these ancient walls – if there are any passages underneath this concrete, I’ll soon be able to knock it through.”

Serena smashed the fist into the wall, creating an imprint from dislodged rock, but nothing more. She hammered the fist in the next section, and the next, causing plenty of dust and rubble, yet no entrance.

Wonder Woman made an entrance of a completely different kind, “That isn’t a very caring way to treat one of the world’s most historic buildings.”

They both looked up at her, in surprise. Wonder Woman rested her hands on her hips, waiting for her opponents’ first move. It came by Cesario pulling out a handgun on her.

“We were told you might show up,” informed the Lost Siren, “I have admired your skill for some time.”

“Then you should tell your friend, guns don’t work on me,” Wonder Woman advised.

“She’s right!” Serena agreed, charging towards the heroine.

Her armoured fist swept an undercut jab at Wonder Woman, who easily sidestepped it, and she pounded the wall instead. When the Siren turned she was met by Wonder Woman forcing her arms down. 

“Damn you!” screamed Rocca, as she attempted to resist.

“You’re strong,” admitted Diana, “But you can’t fight gravity.”

Wonder Woman threw the aggressor hard against the opposite wall; Serena fell on all fours.

“Okay, stop there,” Louis shouted, holding his handgun out in front of him.

“Put the gun down,” Diana calmly told, taking a few steps towards him, “You’re not a killer.”

“Get back, get back,” warned Cesario. 

“FIRE!” screeched Rocca.

Cesario let rip at Wonder Woman’s kneecaps. Diana got down on one knee to ricochet the bullets off her bracelets. However, now on her eye level, the Lost Siren seized the opportunity to swing one almighty punch into Wonder Woman’s abdomen; the titanium fist broke against her golden girdle. The blow jilted Diana over on her back. The shock of pain struck across her body like lightning. She tried to spring to her feet, but couldn’t get up. Her limbs were useless and her head was swirling madly. She knew what was happening; this was the recessive chloroform in her bloodstream returning with vengeance.

The victorious Lost Siren stood over her adversary, “For decades, the Nazi movement have recorded their glorious plans foiled by this so-called Wonder Woman. I’m honoured to be the one who has the pleasure of ending her interference into our affairs for good.”

She threw off her titanium fist and lifted Wonder Woman’s flailing body into her bulky arms, “Carry on searching, Cesario,” she instructed.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“I’m getting rid of the rubbish,” came the reply.

The robust Nazi agent carried Wonder Woman up to ground level. She carefully crouched on the stairway to avoid a couple of passing guardsmen. Then she ascended to the higher levels until she reached the third tier of the antitheatre. The Lost Siren climbed upon the outer wall, under an arch, and hauled Wonder Woman above her head. She dangled her, dangerously, over the edge of the building. 

As a woman of a certain persuasion, her hands appreciated the silky smoothness of Diana’s back; the magnificently soft spongy cushion of her derriere behind the famous star spangled shorts; none of which would prevent her hatefully tossing her enemy all the way down, below, to a certain death. 

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  1. Ok now the score is lost siren 4 wonder woman 0 game, set, match ? Again, great works thank. In my humble opinion: best wonder woman fanfiction on the web !!!

  2. Wow, thanks! It makes a massive difference to know somebody enjoys my work.

  3. Hey, just one brief note: your description about the Lost Siren (tall, blonde, short hair, muscular but also feminine and sexy) kind of reminded me about a former german athlete. Her name is Astrid Kumbernuss (a former shot putter) and if you are curious you can google her. Waiting for the next chapter and very curious about how (and if) Wonder Woman will escape this situation. Will she be able to do it alone or she will need external help ? Will she settle the score with the Lost Siren in a clear way or we'll always have the doubt that she has met her match. Quoting form another show: same wonder time same wonder channel ....

  4. Good casting! I didn't know who Astrid Kumbernuss was but she looks surprisingly similar to Serena. I did imagine she might have a career as a javelin thrower or weight lifter. She's Austrian-Italian and German would be her first language. After this story ends, I might pop up some I.A.D.C character profiles for fun.

    As for your story questions, I better let it do the talking. Thanks for your kind words.